MillYardage™, LLC
Polartec® Fabrics by the Yard

MillYardage, LLC
22 Canal Street, Suite 125
Somersworth, NH 03878
603-742-YARD (9273)

Returning customers may have noticed a change from how you once ordered fabric. Not to worry! You can still buy all the cut yards of Polartec® you once bought at the original Malden Mills Store in Lawrence, MA, then from MillDirect, right here!

MillYardage provides cut yards of Polartec® Fabrics without the big minimums on runs. Our minimum is just 1 yard. This is perfect for the home sewers, small businesses and even the big guys who need to make samples. We get all our fabrics directly from the mill and are often limited to overruns. If you are looking for full rolls, meaning more than 20 yards of a single style/color, we direct you to visit our friends at MillDirect Textiles.

If you have any questions, we have a FAQ page to help get you going. Questions regarding the technical aspects of the fabrics can best be answered at There you will find all the answers, from the source! We are not the fabric designers, nor are we sales reps from Polartec®, if you need to be directed to a Polartec sales rep in your area, we can help direct you to the right person. There are also many online forums and discussion boards that you can search for as well. Feel free to email us with questions regarding inventory or ordering. We will be glad to help you! [email protected]

A Note From KK, Owner, MillYardage LLC

Dear friends and visitors,
Thank you for visiting our web store! We opened our doors on April 1, 2013 and are excited to offer many of the Polartec® lines. If you remember shopping the original store in Malden all those years ago like I do (see image right, c1995), you know that some of the options are limited and can change from time to time. Just like an outlet store, when you see a color or style you like, grab it! I started working with Polartec fabrics when I was ten years old. In 1994, I invented Wristies® finger free glove liners to keep the snow out of my sleeves. Now Wristies are popular texting gloves and corporate gifts. I love that Polartec is made in the USA and we at MillYardage offer affordable cut yards of their highly technical fabrics. Please feel free to email me anytime with questions or feedback. [email protected]

Warmly, -KK Gregory Greer