Pickleball Skirt
DiY pickleball skirt tutorial from Anne Kopf-Sill! PS - it works for tennis, too!

Many thanks to Anne Kopf-Sill for her inspiration!
Anne used
PowerGrid 6039 for this project. Other great options for this skirt include PowerGrid 6069 and Power Stretch Pro 9490.

PowerGrid and Power Stretch Pro are made with a knit construction that keeps you cool by reducing the mass of the fabric without sacrificing moisture-wicking technologies.

I like to play pickleball!
It's in between tennis and ping-pong. You play it on a court similar to a tennis court and net.
I made a pickleball skirt out of Power Grid style 6039. The pattern is from Thread Faction #203 Sport Skort, Style C with pleats. It has built-in shorts which I really like. I did not include the back pocket with a zipper - instead I like to have a cell phone pocket and a pickleball pocket in the shorts part.

cell phone pocket

The fabric was very easy to work with. It takes a pleat well and the pleats stay intact after washing. I was careful to use a press cloth when I pressed the pleats and seams to avoid "iron shine."