Power Stretch Pro Hi-Lo Skirt
A unique twist on an old classic using Polartec Power Stretch Pro!

Starlight Hi-Lo Skirt

Skill level: Beginner

Project Time: 2 hours

Background: A unique twist on an old classic! Alison made this Hi-Lo Skirt using Polartec Power Stretch Pro, the most elastic of all Polartec styles. Designed for high performance ability, the Power Stretch Pro is also extremely abrasion resistant and maximizes shape retention. Its combination of Lycra and Nylon creates a four-way stretch ideal for close fitting garments or a flowy lightweight drape that will keep you feeling comfortable and sleek.

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: Pattern Emporium Starlight Hi-Lo Skirt

This pattern does require a little more fabric than the yardage suggests. Alison used 2 yards, while the pattern suggested 1 3/4 yards. Links are listed below.

Website: https://patternemporium.com/products/pdf-pattern-ladies-starlight-hilo-knit-skirt?_pos=1&_sid=0fa5bda67&_ss=r

Fabric: Alison used Power Stretch Pro 9471-9913 in Ebony. Similar fabrics in the Power Stretch variety can be found by the yard here, and in bulk rolls on our sister website here. Power Stretch Pro is designed to conform to the body and allows for maximum 4-way stretch capacity while also wicking moisture away from the skin. The surface is abrasion resistant and maintains shape retention. It is a Lightweight Nylon/Poly Twill consisting of 66% Nylon, 24% Polyester, and 10% Lycra.

Process: This is a hi-lo skirt designed for knit fabrics. I did the hi-lo extreme and added jean style pockets with a slanted pocket opening. I used the stretch waistband option. I also added a fabric tie that is removable since I had a little bit of fabric leftover. I did alter the pattern slightly by cutting the back of the skirt on the fold. The pattern asks for this to be a seam down the back, but I find it much nicer looking without that seam since it is visible in the hi-lo skirt. This does require a little extra fabric than the pattern yardage suggests. I used 2 yards, while the pattern suggested 1 3/4 yards.

To make the fabric tie, I used the width of fabric by 4 inches. I then folded the right sides together and used my serger, leaving an opening to turn it right side out. I then simply tie it around the waist when I want to wear it with an outfit.

I ended up not hemming the skirt. The pattern says if the fabric doesn’t roll, that it is okay to finish off with serged ends and leave it unhemmed. I usually don’t like to do this, but since it is hi-lo, you can see the hem from the front of the skirt. The fabric was very stretchy and I worried about it looking wonky if I didn’t get it exactly right. I also liked the length as I sewed it.

I was very pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out. The fabric had very nice drape. I have sewn with many fabrics from Mill Yardage before and always thought they were just for cold weather wear. This skirt is light and flowy and can easily be worn in warmer months or in colder months with tights.