Ocean Themed Baby Quilt
Use Polartec Classic 100, 200 or 300 to make the backing of this Qulit!

Caroline’s Quilt

1.) Prewash your cotton or choice of top fabrics. (Don’t skip this or you could be sorry!) Iron if very wrinkly. Ironing is not recommended for Polartec.

2.) Cut out your fun shapes or your quilt pattern.

3.) Lay out shapes and pin them into place.

4.) Applicay you shapes (these were machine stitched)

5.) Cut and sew your boarder

6.) Cut Polartec to the same size as the top fabric.

7.) Lay the face of your quilt to the face of the Polartec Fabric. (Right sides together)

8.) Sew around all 4 sides, leaving a 6” hole, big enough for turning your quilt right side out.

9.) Turn right side out.

10.) Top stitch the hole closed and around all sides. Top stitch in the middle if desired to keep the cotton in place against the Polartec. Or you can hand tie with embroidery floss.

That’s it! You can machine wash and dry low your blanket, no problem!

Fabric used:

The back of this Quilt used Polartec Classic 200 7614-2796 Frost Blue.

The top fabric can be any cotton, polyester, bamboo, or anything you like! Just be sure you pre-wash it so that and shrinking is done before you assemble. Polartec will not shrink. Feel free to call with any questions or to see Swatches.