Diapers with Polartec WindPro, PowerStretch and Classic!
Using Polartec's HardFace technology, you can create a breathable diaper with WindPro or PowerStretch 9411!

Left shows Polartec diaper with rear snaps and right with a trim fit!

Polartec Diapers

We have so many loyal customers who are currently making or interested in making Polartec cloth diapers, we wanted to do our own research so that we could answer your questions to the best of our ability. These answers are based on actual first hand experiences. We started this project over a year ago and will continue to stay on top of new developments by Polartec. Our main goal was to make a 100% Polartec diaper including the absorbent insert. Unfortunately, we have not found a style just yet that will not just absorb, but hold the liquid. We continue to test and search though! Here are the results of our research and testing.

First, we must give a big thank you to the two incredible companies that helped us. All About Cloth and ZCreations. These two provided us with incredibly high quality diapers for us to test based on our dreams and descriptions. Although the designs we dreamed up may not have worked, this only means that what they’ve already discovered and continue to make is actually better than anything we made! It can be fun to make your own diaper, maybe even two or three, but if you need a whole stash, I highly suggest investing in one of these two companies!

Cloth Diaper Testing Results


Use PowerDry to make the absorbent insert! Polartec does have PowerDry which we found superb at absorbing, it would just drink up liquid! However, when baby sat down, the liquid would seep out. This just didn’t work as well as we had hoped.

Use PowerShield Pro Polywoven/Tricot with DWR as the barrier. Success! The diaper was still breathable and very water repellent. This is perhaps the most water-repellent option we found. The pricetag is a little steep since this is the top of the line Polartec fabric. The diaper is slightly less breathable than WindPro or PowerStretch, but breathable nonetheless!

Use 100 weight 7366 for the fleece liner. This is completely and totally successful. 7366 does a great job of soaking up any liquid that spills off the insert you use. The fleece is lightweight, soft and Polartec’s anti-pill fleece. Best liner fabric bar none.

Compare PowerStretch with DWR to WindPro (which does not have DWR). We found that after 75 washings, both of these styles held up incredibly well and both were similarly water repellent! WindPro does not have DWR because it doesn’t need it, the weave is tighter and thus naturally water repellent. The DWR does not seem to wash out no matter how hard we tried!

All About Cloth made the first two and ZCreationz made the next three. Their product quality is outstanding as you can see!

Our own diaper designs. We wanted to come up with a simple design that we could share with you. Our tests started with velcro, but the kind we had was too abrasive, so we went with snaps. If you have access to soft velcro this could be a great option. The large leg openings also made for too many leaks. We also tried a bloomer style, but a single #2 situation ruled this design out quick! The final winning design has snaps that go around back since 10 month old Joshua was getting curious about taking off his diaper and this is far less distracting. The leg openings are a little snugger and more adjustable with the snap placement.

We have come up with our own design that has worked best for our kiddos here. This design can be adjusted to fit just about any size! Putting the snaps around back help to out-smart the clever babies. You can pick out any cotton print to give your own fun look.

1.) Prewash your cotton or choice of top fabric. (Don’t skip this or you could be sorry!) Iron if very wrinkly. Ironing is not recommended for Polartec.

2.) Cut Top and Bottom pieces out of the lining fabric (we use 7366)

3.) Layer the Barrier fabric (we used WindPro) with the hard face down then the cotton on top of that with the right side up. Keep these WindPro/Cotton pieces together as if they’re one.

4.) With right sides together sew the lining 7366 pieces together at the crotch. Set aside.

5.) Put right sides of cotton together (so the right side of the WindPro is on the outside like the two pieces of bread in this sandwich).

6.) Sew these layers together at the crotch. Open the seam and finger press flat. So you should have your cotton print on one side and the hardface of the windpro on the other.

7.) With right sides together place your 7366 Lining and Cotton side together. Sew the inner leg seams together with a 1/2" seam allowance.

8.) Cut 2 pieces of 1/4 " elastic (large: 9" med: 8") then sew the elastic to the seam allowance on each leg STRETCHING the elastic as you sew.

9.) Sew the side seams keeping the 3 layers together. Sew across the corners to reinforce. See photo #1 then trim the corner off close to seam. Repeat this on the 4 leg corners. Diaper Photo 1

10.) Sew across the back seam with a good 1/2 " seam allowance see photo #2.

11.) Create back then front cinching. Cut one piece of 1/2" wide elastic (large: 9" med: 7"). Sew to the seam allowance on the back seam STRETCHING elastic as you sew. Trim corners close to seam. Cut a 3" (both sizes) piece of 1/2" elastic for the front. Center it on the hardface side of the windpro about 1 1/2" down from top and centered from side to side. Sew in place STRETCHING as you sew.


13.) Turn under the edges of the open seam and pin. Make sure that your corners are neat before you start to top stitch.

14.) Top stitch around the whole outer edge STRETCHING the elastic as you go. Hint: go slow so you can keep the layers neat and the elastic stretched. This is the finished edge and you will see it. Photo #3.

15.) Put snaps on each side, 3 down fits nice. IMPORTANT FRONT OVER LAPS BACK!!!

16.) You can do 2 rows of snaps on the BACK flap if you want to get just the right fit and more use.

17.) Put mating snap(s) in the center back for fastening the absorbent insert that you will be using.

Fabrics & Materials:
package of ¼” wide elastic

package of ½” wide elastic

Plastic snaps and the tool to put them on (purchased at Joann's in the baby boutique section)

Lining: 1yd Polartec Classic 100 MicroFleece style 7366

Barrier: 1yd Polartec WindPro with HardFace like 9509, 9523, 9175 or 9591. You can also use Polartec PowerStretch 9411 which has DWR on the HardFace. Note that the WindPro does not need the DWR, since it is woven tighter than PowerStretch and thus more naturally water repellent.

Decorative Fabric: This can be 1yd of any cotton or polyester, bamboo, or anything you like! Good quality fabric is recommended to withstand washing. Be sure you pre-wash it so that and shrinking is done before you assemble. Polartec will not shrink. Feel free to call with any questions or to see Swatches.