All Season Polartec PowerShield Vest
Use PowerShield or even 200 or 300 to make this tailored vest a great layer for all seasons!

Simplified Trimmed Vest

For this project, we wanted to show off the back of this style of PowerShield. You could also use another style that has a different front/back. Sweaterknit or HoneyComb in the 200 weight or a Velour/Shearling in the 300 weight our create a beautiful contrast without having to line the vest! We're all about simple, elegant and practical here! Simply turning the back, towards the face will give a textured look and also seem like the vest is lined. You can even use this trick on hats and mittens!

Butterick #5957, KK is wearing size 12
Karen recommends to use your measurements to choose the size, as this was not true to size for store bought clothing. (And KK says, "don't be insulted when the resulting size is 6-8 sizes bigger than you're used to seeing!") The pattern has good directions and would be fine for a intermediate sewer. Karen did change a few things when making this with the PowerShield. She didn't line the vest as it called for because she wanted to see the fur and utilize the two textures of this Polartec. This worked great! You can turn the edges of the fabric to the outside to make the fur trim around the bottom and the armholes. She also made the collar with the wrong side (fur) facing out. Not lining will result in exposed seams on the inside but the fabric doesn't fray, so you don't have to worry about that!

We used Polartec PowerShield 9619 for this vest. We would love to see it in 300 weight Velour/Shearling as well! We're also dreaming of making this in 200 HoneyComb/Velour. As a side note, remember that throughout, when you see a description, we always describe it with the Face first, then Back. Face/Back means Velour/Shearling will have a fuzzy velour Face and a bumpy shearling Back. Feel free to call with any questions or to see Swatches.

See below for better detail on collar!