Polartec PowerStretch Leggins
Use Polartec PowerStretch to make these easy fleece lined leggins!

Fleece Lined Leggins

This great DIY project comes to us from a loyal customer who has an excellent blog about her adventures and DIY projects.
Cozy, fun fleece leggings for hiking, camping or to be used as a layer for ice climbing and winter hiking! Please note that I made myself Leggings using only 1 yard of fabric. I'm petite (5'2") and its just the right amount of fabric for me. If you are taller, a bit more fabric will be needed for this sewing project. Sew easy!"

Kwik Sew #K3636
Hawaii Girl changed the order of sewing by hemming the leggings bottom first, then sewing up the inseam. This made hemming easier than sewing the inseam first, then folding up the hem to stitch.

Hawaii Girl used Polartec PowerStretch, any style will work!

Additional Notes:

  1. Hawaii Girl finished the bottom hem edge with an overlock stitch. Then folded the bottom hem up 1 inch and using a zigzag stitch, she finished off the bottom hem.
  2. Using an overlock stitch, she sewed up the inseams.
  3. Fold the serger tail up and using a small, narrow zigzag stitch, "tack the tail" making certain to sew on the serger stitches. Trim excess serger thread.
  4. Turn right side out - finished hem.

For more from Hawaii Girl, check our her blog here: http://www.hawaiigirladventures.com