Polartec Fleece Stocking Cap
Use Polartec Classic 100, 200 or 300 to make this simple stocking cap!

Easy Stocking Cap!

This great DIY project comes to us from a loyal customer who has an excellent blog about her adventures and DIY projects.
"This is an easy project and took me just under an hour to complete from start to finish. The original design doesn’t include tassels, but since I made this for my youngest granddaughter, I added tassels to the top and she loves it! For this project I used Rocket Red Polartec Classic 100, but Polartec Classic 200 will work fine just as well. "

Kwik Sew #2527 View C
This is a great pattern to have on hand for projects that use up leftover fleece from other projects. You can use this one to make the hats, socks, headband and more out of just about any style of Polartec! Truly, you can Go all the way from Classic Series, PowerStretch, WindPro, WindBloc and even PowerShield! Such a versatile pattern!

Hawaii Girl used Polartec style 7366 for this cap, but you can also use Classic 200, or 300 if you want a very warm hat.

Additional Notes:
Adding tassels:
1.) Cut 3 strips of fleece
2.) Before step 2 in the pattern, pin the strips at the top of the hat
3.) Stitch and trim excess
4.) Turn right side out
5.) Cut long strips to make tassels and knot ends for fun!

For more from Hawaii Girl, check our her blog here: http://www.hawaiigirladventures.com