Halloween Costume, Pajamas
Use this simple body suit to start any fun costume or snuggly outfit!

Background: Fall means it's time for Halloween costumes! In this project, we're taking a generic body suit and adding our own flair to look a little like a storybook bouncing tiger you may know of. This pattern can very easily be changed to add spots for a dalmatian, blotches for a cow, green for a frog, add a cape for a superhero, droopy ears for a donkey, the possibilities are endless! My mom made me this same costume when I was ten, to be a lion, to go along with my friends (we were the characters from the Wizard of Oz). After Halloween, I ended up sleeping in this warm body suit on cold nights! Adults, don't worry, there are bigger sizes too! Send us photos your creations and we'll post them here too!

Pattern: Simplicity 9810
Adjustments: no lining required when you use Polartec! We added the stripes and spots to the paw.
Fabric suggestions:
Classic 200, double velour style 7614 will make a costume that lasts for generations! Style: 7614
You can also use just about any 200 or 300 weight Polartec, let your creative mind run wild!