Baby Romper and Vest
This adorable set can be made of Polartec 200 or even PowerStretch!

Vest: 7374 Classic 200 Tweed --------------------------------------------------------- Vest: 7374 Classic 200 Tweed ---------------------------------------------------------
Romper: 9405 PowerStretch with DWR ---------------------------------------------- Romper: 9306 Classic 200 SweaterKnit

Background: Our first project will be a romper and vest for a baby. My first was born just two months ago and I couldn't wait to make him something out of Polartec! We've used style 7374 for the vest which is treated with DWR, so throw up? Not a problem because it just beads right off! Pee? I'm not worried! We did a couple different options in the romper. The SweaterKnit (9306) is too cute for words. The PowerStretch with DWR (9405) means again, mom isn't worried about any mess with that protection!
Pattern: Simplicity 2523
Adjustments: Overalls "A" - No need for contrast lining or interfacing
Vest "B" - Trim of Polartec instead of double fold bias tape, no velcro (functional button holes instead), no lining
Material Needed: Overalls/Romper- 1 yard, Vest- 1 yard
Fabric suggestions:
Overalls/Romper: Any 200 will work, we like PowerStretch because of the added movement for baby.
9405 PowerStretch with DWR
9306 First Quality or 9306 Second Classic 200 SweaterKnit/Velour
Vest: Any 200 weight Polartec will work just fine! These are our favorites.
7374 Classic 200 Tweed/Velour with DWR
7617 or 7618 Classic 200 LoPile Velour/Velour with DWR