Rain Poncho
A Polartec NeoShell Rain Poncho to keep you stylish on all rainy days!

Rain Poncho

Skill Level: Easy / Beginner

Estimated Project Time: 1 hour


Our first project for Summer of 2020 is a practical necessity! Kirsten made this rain poncho,
perfect for all the outdoor activities taking place. This poncho was quick and simple to sew with
or without an overlock machine. It’s a wardrobe essential that provides a lightweight coverage
and is easy to transport on all your nature adventures!


90 Minute Rain Poncho Pattern by Mary Mulari
from her book All Occasion Fabric Wraps
Available at www.marymulari.com

The fabric yardage was accurate. We found that the length of the poncho is adjustable
depending on your preference. Links are listed below.

Website: http://www.nancyzieman.com/blog/sewing-2/sew-an-easy-hooded-poncho/#

PDF: http://www.nancyzieman.com/blog/sewing-2/sew-an-easy-hooded-poncho/?print=pdf

Neck cut pattern:


We used Polartec NeoShell #66003x39B34A in Lime Twist. Alternate colors of this style can be found here.
This fabric blocks 99% of the wind allowing some air movement for increased breathability.
Extremely abrasion resistant and warm without weight. Ideal for outerwear and softshells.
The wrong side of the fabric is light gray. This fabric is a Rigid Polyester Plain Woven with 79%
Polyester and 21% Nylon. Width is 54” wide.

I began by cutting the fabric, which was very simple, as they were all rectangles. I rounded out
the corners of my poncho for a lighter look. I then overlocked all of my pieces for a clean hem.

Creating the hood was the moment I found the garment really came together. With just
a few simple stitches, the rectangle of fabric transformed into a structured hood.

I tested some closure variations until I decided which I liked best. This was a fun way

to dictate the style of the poncho.

I chose to use snaps with a reinforced backing piece for my closure.
This will help prevent wear and tear on this tension point.

The final step was to sew in the pocket. This is optional, but it provides a convenient and compact storage for the poncho, and I couldn’t pass that up!

Voila! Your new rain poncho is ready for fun in all kinds of weather!

*Baby not included ;)