Floor Mat or Picnic Blanket with Polartec WindPro
Using Polartec's HardFace technology, you can create a Floor Mat or Picnic Blanket with WindPro or PowerStretch 9411!

Floor Mat or Picnic Blanket


We wanted to come up with a "Simple" floor mat for a baby or toddler to play on to help protect carpet. Joshua and Nadine are here with us every day so spills and spit-ups are a regular occurrence. Turns out we discovered a great Picnic Blanket too! In the process we also conducted an extensive waterproof test to see how the WindPro fabrics stand up to many washings. You can see more about the results on our diaper posting here:

Although we found that both sides are highly water repellent, using the HardFace side facing the source of liquid or moisture works as be best barrier. Karen has made a few floor mats using style 9591 and also 9175. They have all worked great! Using the HardFace on the bottom, the outside of the blanket works great for outdoors when the grass is wet. Having the HardFace on the inside and fuzzy side out works great inside on the rug. Spills have a tougher time leaking threw to the rug and the velour side helps the mat to grip to the carpet with less sliding.


No need! A floor mat takes just a few easy steps.

1.) Prewash your cotton or choice of top fabric. (Don’t skip this or you could be sorry!) Iron if very wrinkly. Ironing is not recommended for Polartec.

2.) Cut Polartec to the same size as the top fabric.

a. Indoor Play Mat- When you want the bottom to be grippy and the chance of liquid is coming from above like a spilled cup!

i. Put the right side of the cotton to the wrong side of the WindPro or 9411 PowerStretch (typically this will be the fuzzy side).

b. Outdoor Play Mat or Picnic Blanket- When the chance of moisture will be coming up from underneath like dew on grass.

i. Put the right side of the cotton to the right side of the WindPro or 9411 PowerStretch (typically this will be the HardFace side).

3.) Sew around all 4 sides, leaving a 6” hole, big enough to turn right side out.

4.) Turn right side out.

5.) Top stitch the hole closed and around all sides. Top stitch in the middle if desired to keep the cotton in place against the Polartec.

That’s it! You can machine wash and dry low your blanket, no problem!


We used Polartec WindPro with HardFace like 9509, 9523, 9175 or 9159. You can also use Polartec PowerStretch 9411 which has DWR on the HardFace. Note that the WindPro does not need the DWR, since it is woven tighter than PowerStretch and thus more naturally water repellent. The top fabric can be any cotton, polyester, bamboo, or anything you like! Just be sure you pre-wash it so that and shrinking is done before you assemble. Polartec will not shrink. Feel free to call with any questions or to see Swatches.